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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain



The conscious mind, which accounts for 10% of our brain, analyzes, thinks, plans and houses our short term memory. What we are not typically taking into account in our daily functioning is that our conscious mind is driven by the subconscious mind (the other 90%), which is where we find our long term memories, emotions, involuntary bodily functions, behavior and relationship patterns and addictions, creativity, developmental stages, spiritual connection and intuition. During a hypnotherapy session, the conscious and subconscious minds are activated in order to work together.

During hypnosis, we experience an altered (relaxed) state of consciousness, which allows us access to the subconscious information we need to become fully aware or conscious of the limiting patterns or beliefs that are holding us back from achieving our desires. Once we uncover our subconscious patterns, being in a receptive trance state allows us to have a corrective experience, thus empowering us to make new healthy choices with ease. 

I utilize Conscious Heart Hypnotherapy and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. This modality is versatile for addressing a number of issues, whether you wish to heal past trauma, overcome habits or move forward into personal transformation.

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